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Nye videoer fra Kirgisistan – projektet lever videre på mange fronter

Nye videoer fra Kirgisistan – projektet lever videre på mange fronter

De unge studerende fra den foreningen af social work studerende, som fik deres egen fraktion inden for Association of Social Workers under projektet, har lavet 5 videofilm, der skal være med til at advokere for udsatte gruppers rettigheder.

Det er dejligt at se, at projektet også med denne gruppe lever videre. DEH håber, vi kan være med til at hjælpe dem med at opbygge deres kapacitet i løbet af efteråret.

Se de 5 videofilm ved at klikke her


Queen of the Kyrgyz Mountains… Saturday April 25. 2020

Update: As a preventive measure against COVID-19, TEH has decided to postpone the event to Saturday September 12. 2020, and move it to Culture House / Haraldssalen 3. floor: Vesterbro Library and Culture House , Lyrskovgade 4, 1758 Copenhagen V.

Saturday March 21. 2020 at 14-17 there is a unique opportunity to see and hear about Kyrgyzstan and Kyrgyz culture. Together with the Kyrgyz Diaspora in Denmark (people or population groups, who voluntarily or involuntarily live outside the country of origin) TEH organizes Kyrgyz cultural afternoon in Kulturhuset Indre By in Copenhagen.


As a presentation to the film Queen of the Mountains, a short introductory story about the Kyrgyz society today is done. The film tells about the Kyrgyz culture, and how a strong woman can get things to go up on a higher level: Queen of the Mountain. The movie is a historical epic from Kyrgyzstan, which was set in the 19th century, and which tells the true story about Kurmanjan Datka, a strong willed woman, who becomes ruler of her country and saves her country from total destruction.

After the film there is opportunity for a good talk about Kyrgyzstan, where through a dozen years TEH has worked with projects top create better opportunities for the most vulnerable groups. I.e. there will be opportunity to discuss a new initiative to create some good, sustainable sanitary conditions for a couple hundreds of children with disability in the village Shaidan.

There will be opportunity to buy coffee, tea and drinks (and sandwich) in the café. Additionally you can try some traditional cakes, fruits and water.

If you want to know more, you can write to tilek.mamytova@europeanhouse.org

The importance of cyber screening intended for managing the risks of mergers and acquisitions | data room

virtual data room

Mergers and acquisitions are always associated with financial, legal and reputational risks. In a modern global data economy, cyber verification is an essential part of any business investment, just as standard due diligence practice is a standard procedure today. Consumer data is recognized as a powerful product by companies and regulators around the world.

For a successful process and complete a transaction, it is important that the company understands cyber risks that it can take on both before and after the investment.

The inclusion of web in the standard practice of standing, finance and legal knowledge allows you to calculate all the potential risks for the transaction, protecting the investor out of paying a potentially high price or perhaps receiving an even higher fine. Using this information in the negotiation phase can certainly help companies identify the cost of eliminating discovered vulnerabilities and potentially use it by significant cost to negotiate rates.

In many companies that have learned it the hard way, internet verification makes sense both in terms of reputation and in terms of financial when acquiring a company. How can web verification affect negotiations and what steps should be taken to fix them? What is an obstacle to cyber screening?

The problem is that it is perceived as someone else’s problem that can be fixed following the transaction, or that it can be solved by regulators or the public, intending not to harm the reputation.

To avoid regulatory dishonesty, any business that invests or acquires one other company should be able to demonstrate that it features undertaken a preliminary cybernetic review along with the regulators prior to the transaction if a breach is subsequently discovered.

Cyber verification can be an important settling tool if it is done as a safety measure before a transaction. A cybernetic check thus serves as a settlement tool if the decision-makers of the obtain uncover red flags during the check. There are numerous moving parts during this process. Therefore, it is essential that all important documents are in one place and can be kept securely.

When choosing a , it is important to quickly find the perfect solution is that meets your requirements. The VDR market always helps when info operations are required

The results of a cybernetic test could also be used to evaluate other acquisitions this is useful for companies that quickly add to their portfolio. These data files can be used for other purposes in the portfolio to identify high-risk areas. If the results of the cyber due diligence procedure are standardized, taking into account the outcomes of traditional due diligence procedures, investors get a holistic view of the dangers in the entire portfolio. The data may also be used by transaction teams to provide shareholders with the best opportunities to agree on the retail price and terms of thecquisition.



Så er der igen kommet ny opdatering på Agenda 50 projektet i Hviderusland, hvor at store fremskridt er noget. Der er blandt andet blevet  underskrevet en lokal strategi for gennemførelsen af FN’s konvention om handicappedes rettigheder. Du kan læse mere ved at følge linket under, eller gå under projekter, så Hviderusland og derefter vil du finde mappen om Aganda 50.


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